A 2 seater sofa is sometimes also referred to as a loveseat. These sofas look exactly like their full size counter parts but are smaller. They are usually used as part of a living room set and usually match their larger counterparts completely.

These sofas usually will take the place of single chairs in a room. They are used as complimentary seating in most living rooms, family rooms and dens.

These types of sofas come in virtually any style that is available to the larger sofas. They can be very contemporary, modern or traditional. They are don up in an array of fabrics. Some models have short legs that lift the sofa up off the floor and some are flush to the floor.

There are models that have reclining features built in, where each seat reclines independently of the other and there are some models that have even a rocking feature built in.

These types of sofas are covered in many different types of materials. From leather to chintz. There is definitely a style that will appeal to all tastes.

In some cases space may be at a premium. Like in apartments where using a full size sofa is just not an option. A  3 + 2 seater sofa combined with a chair or two might be the perfect solution to a small area.

They are also less expensive then there full size counterparts. Given space restrictions and budget restrictions these might be the perfect type of sofas for your situation. They are ideally suited for small spaces or for areas that just need a place for someone to sit and rest. They are ideal for loft areas or even as seating in bedrooms.

You can purchase this type of sofa from virtually any store that sells furniture. They are widely available and very popular so there are plenty of vendors that will carry this type of sofa.

You can expect to spend anywhere between three hundred and one thousand dollars. The price will be driven by the type of material that the 2 seater sofa is made from and whether there is a designer label attached to it or not.

The more expensive types will be made from leather or some luxurious type of material.

A 2 seater sofa also looks perfect as part of a living room set. It will match the rest of the furniture completely and provide additional seating. This type of sofa is the perfect place for two people to sit and relax and read or watch TV.


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