As an increasing number of municipalities shift the cost of curbside trash collection to homeowners, one of the biggest shocks is the cost of having trash collected that exceeds the limits covered by the base fees. As if the new monthly charges aren’t aggravating enough, being charged extra or not having trash collected at all can increase a homeowner’s frustration exponentially, especially when there is another set of charges for taking trash directly to the landfill.

One of the solutions to this situation is the purchase of a trash compactor that can compress your weekly trash load to a size that that fits within the standards of local curbside collection limits. Due to the fact that there are several ways in which trash compactors differ, there are several factors to consider before making a purchase. These factors include:

Style – Trash self contained compactor service can either be built-in underneath a countertop or set up as a free-standing unit. The style that will be the best choice for your household can often be determined by a single factor; whether there is room in the kitchen for an installed model or not. Built-in models typically come with a variety of finishes so that the trash compactor can either match or coordinate with the other appliances in the kitchen. Free-standing models typically have a more durable and utilitarian look, due in part to the fact that they are often located in the garage if they don’t fit in the kitchen.

Power to compact – Trash compactors typically reduce trash at ratios between 4 to 1 and 6 to 1. A larger ratio means that the appliance can handle more trash per compacted load. Keeping in mind that compacting trash reduces size but not weight, be sure that you are able to deal with single load that weighs as much as 6 regular bags of trash if you’re considering the more powerful models.

Features – The load in a trash compactor will usually stay in the machine for a longer period than a regular trash can, meaning that odors can become an issue. Adding an odor management feature can make a huge difference in this area. You may want to consider other features including noise reduction, toe-bar opening, and anti-jam technology as well.
Trash compactors can reduce the volume of your weekly trash load considerably. The benefits for you include trash volume that stays within local limitations, a more manageable trash load, and the elimination of trips to take excess trash to the nearest landfill.



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