Chances are there are hundreds of plumbers in your area, as you’ll quickly notice when sifting through the yellow pages, newspaper ads, or searching online. But when you need a professional Plumber Mount Annan, you don’t want to take chances.

Here are some tips on hiring a professional plumber for residential or commercial plumbing needs:

1. Look for BBB members
Find a company that is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Plumbing companies must go through a stringent process to gain their membership with BBB, so once membership has been granted, chances increase that they are professional and dependable. Look for the BBB emblem in their ads or on the website or simply ask if they are a member.

2. Read testimonials or ask for customer references
Plumbing companies that have serviced the area for an extended period should have a solid customer base with satisfied customers willing to give a reference. You can ask for references or view their website.

3. Make the call and ask questions
The best way to get to know a plumber is to ask plenty of questions when you call. Also, be ready to give as much information as possible about your situation or plumbing emergency. If your faucet is leaking, then be ready to tell what type of faucet and where it’s leaking. If you have a water heater problem, be ready with the name brand and type of water heater (whether gas, electric or tankless).

4. Look for a plumber that is willing to take care of emergencies
Plumbers are often needed for emergencies after hours. If you use a plumber that is not willing to offer emergency service, then you will be stuck without someone to call after hours. Find a plumber that you can count on day in and day out – especially if you own a business such as a restaurant, hotel, apartment complex, hospital, nursing home, etc. where plumbing systems need to stay running smoothly 24/7!



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