Purchasing sunglasses online gives consumers a combination of high quality and low price that simply cannot be matched by purchasing from a store. But with those impressive advantages comes a challenge: how can you know you are getting glasses that both protect your eyes and look good on your face when you can’t try them on or even touch them? Fortunately, by following a few basic guidelines, it’s easy to find a great pair sunglasses with the look and features that are perfect for you.

The first step towards selecting a good pair of rectangle sunglasses is selecting the frame. You can usually know if a particular style of frame will look good on you by observing the basic shape of your face. People who have a round face usually look best in rectangular frames. Those with a diamond shaped face, with high cheekbones and bones, typically look good in oval glasses because they enhance the natural contour of the face. People with a square face, meaning when one has a broad forehead and chin, usually prefer round or oval frames because it gives their face more definition. People with a triangular face, meaning a broad forehead and narrow jaw, typically favor glasses that feature a straight top line.

Online sunglass shoppers should also pay attention to the material of their lenses. Modern glasses are typically made of polycarbonate, glass, and plastic. Polycarbonate is the favored material of many modern sunglass manufacturers because it is lightweight, scratch resist, and very durable. Glass is also a popular choice for people who want a heavier “feel” and good scratch resistance. Plastic is less common, but is sometimes favorable for its affordability and light weight.

Once you have decided upon your frame type and material, you should decide if you would like other special features, such as polarization. Polarized sunglasses are used to reduce glare against water and snow. They were first used by fishermen who needed to see through glare in order to observe fish in the water, and since have been adopted by water sports enthusiasts, skiers, and drivers who want to avoid glare on the road. It works by completely blocking light that is reflected off of surfaces.

One should also pay attention to how your glasses will fit. If you will be using them for day to day purposes, the typical fold out design usually will do. If you will be using them to ski or some other intense sport, you should consider a sturdy wrap around design.



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