If you really need to sell your house and are willing to do what it takes to get out from under it then this article is for.

Traditionally speaking most people think theirs only one way to buy or sell real estate. On the seller’s side you either list your property with a real estate agency or do a For Sell by Owner (FSBO) and wait for just the right person to come along who’s capable of paying cash or get a loan from a lender. On the buyers side they shop around, find a house, negotiate a buying price then start the grueling process of becoming approved by their lender then everyone meets at the closing agency to finalize the deal. Pretty basic stuff right?

The problem with sell your property faster in today’s post mortgage bubble environment is it’s a buyers market and to make things worse lenders are not turning loose of their money as easily as before and for good reason. So when it’s a buyers market with few people qualifying for loans how do you unload that property so you can get on with your life?

I know that for some of you skeptics out there you will not even consider what I’m about to say but if your backs against the wall and you need out from under your obligation more than you need your house you might just be willing to try something different.

The mortgage bubble and tight lending practices have created a situation to where sellers need a certain price and buyers who can’t qualify for loans are becoming pent up. So when there is this pent up demand just waiting to burst and seller’s who are begging to sell their property a situation has been created where you need each other now more than ever.

It’s time to consider owner financing options. Yep I said it the dreaded owner financing which some of you cringe just to hear it but the truth is you can come closer to getting the price you need and the pent up buyer can buy a house that they need.

Talk to your lawyer about the arrangement and get his advice on how to protect yourself. You might even look for a lawyer who specializes in real estate as they tend to know more specifics about legal owner finance contracts.

Additionally, this does not mean that you accept the first looser who comes around interested in your property. Far from it! You should examine them carefully but at the same time realize that there are responsible and hard working buyers who have fallen through the lending cracks that genuinely deserves an opportunity to buy a house.

In the end I guess it depends on if you consider your situation dyer or not. It could be that you don’t really need to sell your house that bad or then again it could be an alligator that’s eating you alive! If it’s the later don’t forget you still have options.

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