There are some excellent hotels and guest houses that are reasonably priced in the UK. While most of these are small or medium hotels there are some chain hotels that are also tapping into the budget traveler market too. The discounted rates and reduced prices are for a limited period or are aimed to some specific market for example students etc, so asking the conditions before hand is also a good idea.

The location and facilities of hotels often determine the price of affordable Hotels too, the central England is relatively expensive compare to the Scotland, West county, or Highlands and Islands.

In the West Country, places like Cornwell, Devon, has some of best choices for budget travelers. There are many festivals that happen in the Somerset that invite tourists in multitude, for this time you will find the hotels packed to full capacity. Other then these seasonal hotels, B&B that spring up there are many places that keep their doors open all year around.

As most of the day would be spend out side of the room, the large, creaking, and boarding house feel of the place should not matter here. The food you expect should include kippers, haddock, sausage, and bacon with toast with butter or marmalade.

The thing to know about these hotels is that often they lack in central heating and could feel little cold in the start the rooms however will be installed with some heater or gas fireplace that might keep you warm. Some facilities will need to be shared; however most of them offer the shower and bath even if on the small side.

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