Pre-Paid legal Services, Inc. is a service network of more than 50 independent law firms in the US and Canada that aim in providing affordable legal services by charging a monthly, semi-annual or annual insurance plan. Once you register with Pre-paid, you gain access to all the established network of attorneys when needed. Benefits include free document reviews, Will preparation, discounts off regular hourly rates and the first 30 minutes of legal advice from an attorney is free. A great feature also included is the Identity Theft Shield which is responsible for monitoring any attempts of identity fraud to your personal information.

Pre-paid advertises by means of a multi-level marketing (MLM) structure and is the only legal Debenture service in North America that uses MLM. How it works is for a $49 fee you become an independent distributor. This gives you the rights to market the service plan to others. When you begin selling the idea of Pre-paid Legal Services, Inc., you make commissions based on volume of sales. You also make money by signing up sales reps in your downline and make additional commissions based on you teams cumulative sales volume. Pre-paid’s compensation plan offers advancement incentives as well as “persistency levels” that are used in calculating ones income based on member retention. Also, you are given a company discount when personally using the services you market.

Pre-paid Legal was established in 1972 so its track record has proved that it can stand the test of time. Prepaid Legal Services is worth the money, but you must be very discipline and dedicated if you wish to create significant income as a sales rep. It is definitely worth the money if you plan on just using the legal services.

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