Paintball ghillie suits for paintball snipers.

Gone are the days of your team rushing of down the field. Today’s game requires a better understanding of stealth tactics and that is where the paintball camo ghillie suit comes into it’s own. Unless the opposition is looking very hard it will be very difficult to detect you.

The paintball ghillie is the ultimate stealth concealment accessory for the paintball sniper to help you remain undetected from a static field point or as you slowly edge towards your opponent.

Woodland camo and mossy oak paintball.

Ghillie suits are available in a range of different camo hat patterns. A popular choice is the woodland camo or mossy oak paintball ghillie suit.

Some designs allow you to thread vegetation and foliage into your suit to add to the concealment and blend with your natural surroundings.

When choosing your ghillie suit go for a lightweight one – usually around 5lb to 6lb.

One tip that I have picked up on my journey is to take your brand new suit and roll it in the dirt a little just to take that new look off it.

Make your own homemade ghillie for playing paintball.

If you have a few hours to spare you can save yourself some cash by making you own homemade paintball sniper ghillie suit. This is an inexpensive solution which you can be made to your own ‘custom’ design’.

You can buy kits of the shelf but with the right materials you can easily achieve the same results (if not better).

On your shopping list you should have:

An old pair of overalls – camo if you can get them. Get a pair that are a size or two bigger.

Burlap fabric which is a jute product is very hard wearing and economical to buy.

Some clothing dyes in various colours, greens, browns, beige.

Cut the strips of burlap and use the dye to colour.

Leave to dry then cut into various lengths about 1 to 2 inches in width and sow to the overalls. Fishing line is a good option to secure the burlap.

If you are on a tight budget you can make a suit that just covers your back and legs.

When considering head concealment and old ski mask or stalker hat may just do the trick. Just follow the same procedure as above.

A ghillie suit kit is another option for paintball snipers.

These are readily available on the internet and can be assembled usually in about 5 hours or less. Ghillie suit kits contain fire retardant netting and jute strips in a range of natural colours to suit the environment.

Paintball gun ghillie wrap.

Not much use in spending your cash or valuable time in concealing yourself if your paintball gun sticks out a mile! You can make your own ghillie wrap but for what its worth these are inexpensive to purchase so save your self some time!


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