If you are looking to build your business through professional speaking, it’s not just how effective you are at delivering a live presentation. Failing to position yourself appropriately, building and marketing your personal brand that reflects your expertise and reputation when making a connection to an event organizer can mean that you do not event get considered.

Here are four actions you can take to increase your chances of being accepted as a speaker:

1. Make sure that you understand the audience and their needs ahead of approaching the event organizer – research the company or professional association you are approaching so that you understand what subjects they have covered previously and who the guest speakers were

2. Ensure that you provide a link to your website where the event organizer can read about your specific expertise and view testimonials from other ones – do not just offer yourself as a speaker without defining what you can bring to the participants

3. Provide a summary of the key subjects you speak on with the outcomes participants can expect from your event – be specific and ensure that you demonstrate the value of your specific presentation

4. Provide a link to a teleseminar, podcast or video online that they can listen to or watch to experience you in action – if you are approaching an event organizer who has no knowledge or experience of you as a speaker, make it possible for them to hear or see you in action.

Your overall objective is to position yourself as the expert that the bespoke events organizer has been searching for to provide great content to their community. Taking time to build your personal brand and then market yourself appropriately, ensuring that you build a reputation of being easy to do business with will ensure that you land more speaking engagements and more clients.

Krishna De is considered to be one of Europe’s leading branding, business blogging, corporate podcasting, marketing, leadership and social media experts. You will find Krishna online at [http://www.krishnade.com] where you can also access her content rich branding and business development ezine and no-cost audio tutorials, bringing you strategies and tips to build your corporate brand, employer brand and personal brand so you enjoy greater success.



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