It is not a very common decorating scheme, but placing a few touches of the islands into your home can keep your house feeling like a beach in Maui year round. I’m not talking about cranking up the heat and bringing in a truckload of sand; maybe just a touch of subtlety. Perhaps you’ve just returned from a vacation in the Islands and can’t get it out of your head. You’re missing the tropical atmosphere and want to be reminded of how much fun it is. Maybe your job is boring and the only thing that gets you through the day is the Hawaiian vacation you’ve got coming up in a month. There’s a great solution to either of these problems.

Palm tree lamps are hand crafted and customizable lamps that are made to look like…you guessed it…a palm tree. There are other styles too, of course,garden center in Rockland county but they are all island-related, such as Tiki Poles. They help you bring the island feeling back home or to work with you. These lamps are hand crafted by skilled artisans. The creators do a large majority of their business with personalized orders, but also have a great selection of premade floor or table palm tree lamps.

For something a little more sophisticated but still fun and reminiscent of a more tropical place, you might be inspired by a Tiffany style palm tree lamp. Staying true to the elegant design of the original artist, this Tiffany style palm tree lamp is made up of stained glass mosaic tiles perched atop a sturdy copper or iron base. It’s not clear right away that is lamp is even a palm tree. Therein may lay its appeal, as no one but you has to know that you are secretly pining for a beach in Honolulu while you listen to your boss blather on about TPS reports.

Other palm tree lamps are even more subtle than the first two mentioned. One in particular looks like an ordinary, everyday lamp with a slender base leading up to an off-white shade. However, protruding from the middle of the base are two palm leaves, poking out only slightly, as if to remind you that your island getaway is waiting for you just as soon as you can, well, get away! Palm tree lamps are a great way to keep your mind in the island mood while you deal with the stresses of life here on the main land.


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