Sunglasses of Yore: A Time-Travel Collection” is a unique and captivating exhibition that takes visitors on a journey through the history of eyewear fashion. This collection, curated by renowned historian and fashion enthusiast, Emily Winston, offers a rare glimpse into the evolution of sunglasses, spanning centuries of style and function.

The exhibit begins with ancient sunglasses crafted from smoky quartz in 12th-century China, designed to shield the eyes from harmful sun rays. Visitors will marvel at the intricacy of these early designs and how they have influenced vintage frames modern eyewear.

Moving through time, the collection features the iconic cat-eye sunglasses of the 1950s, synonymous with Hollywood glamour, and the bold, oversized frames of the 1980s. Each era’s eyewear reflects not only the prevailing fashion trends but also the social and cultural movements of the time.

A standout piece in the exhibition is a pair of sunglasses worn by John Lennon, demonstrating the profound connection between eyewear and iconic figures throughout history. Other highlights include polarized lenses developed for NASA astronauts and futuristic, high-tech designs from the 21st century.

“Sunglasses of Yore” offers a fresh perspective on fashion’s role in shaping our perception of time. This time-travel collection serves as a reminder that sunglasses are not merely practical accessories; they are artifacts that encapsulate the spirit of their eras. Visitors will leave with a newfound appreciation for the evolution of eyewear and the unique blend of fashion, function, and culture that these sunglasses represent.

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