However, your income depends on sales. In fact, this same article mentioned that most new real estate agents have income expectations of around $60,000. I find myself wondering how anyone expects to succeed in a sales position without any sales training. I spent 21 years in sales, and during that time the companies I worked for spent over $100,000 in sales training. They knew the value of understanding how to sell.

If you’re asking potential customers to pay you a 3-4% commission, you certainly better learn how to create value for yourself. For me to pay a realtor thousands of dollars, I better feel that I’m getting something for that money. I used to sell fractional ownership of Learjets, and I can tell you a realtor would make more for selling my home than I made for Estate sale services for airplanes. My expectations for realtor performance are high.

Granted, most of your potential customers don’t bring that experience to the table. But they do expect you to earn your commission. You can’t do that if you don’t have some sales skills. It’s sales skills that allow you to create value for yourself and the service you provide.

There are a few skills that will be a must for your future success:

1. Create value for your services.

2. Understand how to effectively prospect in your territory.

3. Know how to sell features and benefits.

4. Learn how to qualify prospects the first time you talk to them.

5. Know how to recognize the ‘tire kickers’.

If you’re new to real estate sales, these sales tips should help you get to your income goals a little quicker. It’s ‘knowing what you don’t know’ that will help you succeed.

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