Printers and printer supplies, such as ink and toner cartridges, are in very high demand throughout the world. This is because they are used by millions of people on a daily basis. If you visit any educational facility, factory, office, hospital, government institution, and bank, etc., on the planet, you will find that they will all be using some form of printer and printer supplies. This makes printing a multi-billion dollar business and that’s why there is so much competition in it.

There are many well-known and reputable companies around the world that manufacture sell my printer, photocopiers, fax machines, and other types of office appliances and printer supplies. Among some of the most profitable and popular are HP (Hewlett Packard), Canon, Brother, Dell, Epson, IBM, Lexmark, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Xerox, Okidata, and Konica Minolta.

Because there are so many companies involved in producing printer supplies, the prices have come down slightly, but not enough for some people. This is why many consumers are now buying certain types of printing supplies from other retail outlets instead of from the manufacturers themselves. They are trying to save as much money as they possibly can.

So instead of buying brand name ink and toner cartridges from these companies, customers are buying generic ones elsewhere. Once their original ink or toner cartridge is empty many people are replacing them with refurbished, re-manufactured, or refilled cartridges to save some cash. The refurbished and re-manufactured cartridges are basically empty units that have been refilled and rebuilt.

The refilled cartridges are just what they sound like. They are used cartridges that are taken down to an office supply shop to have them refilled with ink or toner. Many people are now buying ink refill kits which allow them to refill the empty cartridges by themselves. A kit will last for several refills and you can fill them up at home and the office whenever you need to.

While these are definitely cheaper ways of buying your printer supplies, many people are still hesitant to do this because they are unsure of the quality these cartridges can produce while printing. Some people swear there is no difference between the generic ink and the original, while others say the quality is a lot lower.

There’s really only one way to find out and that is to test the refilled and re-manufactured cartridges yourself and compare the quality to the original ink and toner cartridges. If you’re happy with the results that refills produce, then you won’t have to worry about the quality and you can start saving some cash straight away. If you don’t like the results, then you know you will want to stay with original cartridges.

There are many shops that sell printer supplies as well as tons of them on the internet. Most of them such as have a wide selection of cartridges for all of the brand name equipment and all compatible cartridges are ISO certified, so they are always just as good as OEMs. Just about all of these sites deliver products anywhere in the world and their supplies are sold at competitive prices.


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