Is stress or anxiety causing you problems?

Stress and anxiety and is on the increase and it can have a negative affect on your whole life if you don’t deal with it. There are lots of stress and anxiety symptoms and you can get a good indication by taking a moment, right now, to pay attention to how you’re feeling. Do you regularly hold your body tensely? Scowl? Have you been over-eating? Smoking or drinking too much? Are tears a too regular threat? Overdoing anything is a sign of stress.

If you’re a driver, you probably think nothing of taking your car for an MOT. But what about yourself? Aren’t you far more valuable than any vehicle? Just as your car works most efficiently when you pay attention to what it needs, giving yourself that same kind of care will help you get much more out of life.

There are many things you can do yourself to start feeling better immediately. These top tips will help you get started:

EXERCISE – It’s easy to feel anxious and Implementing Positive Emotions if you’re cooped up in your office or home. Just getting out for a short walk can help. People who suffer from panic attacks can jog on the spot. This will help you release stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline, more effectively. If you’re at work and feel the panic or anxiety rising, head for the toilet, lock yourself in and jog on the spot. If you can’t do this without attracting attention, punch the air repeatedly and you’ll get the same sense of release.

BREATHE DEEPLY – Breathing is something we usually take for granted. But when you’re feeling tense, stressed or anxious, your breathing often becomes more shallow and this then increases the anxiety. Breathing deeply will help to lower your anxiety. Breathe in for a count of 4, making sure your belly goes out and then out for a count of 5. This extra length on the exhale will help you release extra toxins.

LAUGHTER REALLY IS THE BEST MEDICINE – If other people are bringing you down and you hang around and let them, you’ll not only feel worse yourself but you’ll be less able to help them feel better. Surround yourself with happy people as much as possible. Happiness is contagious. When you’re alone, watch comedies or read books that make you feel good.

SING! – Even if you think you’re so tone deaf you end up laughing, you’ll have turned the stress and anxiety around and feel much better. Singing is also a great way to regulate your breath and let it all out. Pick something really melodramatic or something more upbeat. Or just sing whatever comes to mind. If you’re shy (or have nearby neighbours), use the noise of the shower to drown it out (bathroom acoustics often help improve the sound quality, too!). Whistling can also help.

IMAGINE A BIG STRESS DIAL – This works well for many and it’s something you can easily do yourself. Picture a stress dial (a bit like a dimmer light switch) which is marked with numbers from 1-10. Which hand is it in? Imagine 10 as the highest level of stress and literally take it down a notch (or ten!). This simple reminder that you’re in control of yourself will often be enough…


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