If asked to define that what gemstones are, then it would be right to say that these are those gifts of nature that bring charm and positivity to our lives. There are myriads of precious and semi-precious gemstones that have been prized since ages. Though, all gemstones are valuable, but some of them are quite rare and extraordinary. Here is a list of the world’s 10 rarest gemstones:

1. Pink Star Diamond:

This gemstone is 1.06 inches by 0.81 inches (2.69 cm by 2.06 cm). It was put up for auction on November 13, 2013 in Geneva and at $60 million, which also set up a record. The person who bought this gemstone renamed it to Pink Dream.

2. Tanzanite:

It’s a blueish-purple gemstone, which is quite rare. Tanzanite is rare because it can only be extracted from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It’s also believed that since Tanzanite is only found at one location, then there are chances that it might get depleted in 20 years.

3. Taaffeite:

Taaffeite is quite a rare gemstone and only a few of them have been found. These rocks are found in Tanzania and Sri Lanka.

4. Blue Diamond:

The Blue Moon Diamond was discovered in January, 2014 in South Africa. The weight of this gemstone is 12.03 carats, which makes it the largest cushion-shaped stone. This ‘internally flawless’ gemstone is now owned by a Hong Kong businessman Joseph Lau, who bought it for $48 million.

5. Black Opal:

This gemstone is quite rare, gorgeous and vibrant. Though Tuerkis gemstones are not at all rare, but the black variety of this gemstone is actually a unique one. It’s only been found in New South Wales, Australia.

6. Red Beryl:

Red Beryl, also known by the name of Scarlet Emerald, is extracted from the mines in the Wah Mountains of Utah. This red variety of Beryl is much more expensive and rare. The value of this gemstone can be estimated by the fact that its value is considered to be 1,000 more than that of gold.

7. Jadeite:

Jadeite is only found in Myanmar, thus, is considered as one of the rarest and most beautiful gemstones known to the mankind. The finest variety of this gemstone is deep green in color and translucent in appearance.

8. Musgravite:

In earlier times, it was believed that Musgravite can only be found in Southern Australia. Later on, it was discovered that this exclusive gemstone can also be extracted from Madagascar, Greenland, Tanzania, Antarctica and Sri Lanka. The limited supply of this gemstone makes it one of the rarest gemstones in the world.

9. Painite:

Painite was first discovered in 1951 in Burma and was considered as the rarest mineral available on the surface of the Earth. It didn’t get the status of an official gemstone until 1957. In today’s time, though various crystals have been found of this gemstone, but only a small percentage is suitable for sale making it a rare gemstone.

10. Jeremejevite:

Jeremejevite is aluminium borate mineral, which is generally aquamarine in color, but can also be dark blue, pale yellow-brown or even colorless. It was discovered in the late 19th century and has been known as one of the rarest gemstones in the world. It’s been known that this beautiful gemstone can only be extracted from Mt. Soktuj in Russia and Cape Cross, Swakopmund, Namibia.


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