Colon, as far as body detox is concerned, should be included in your top “target” category for detoxification in the sense that it absorbs all smaller food particles that’s been digested in your body while it passes through the intestines, down the lower tract located in the rectum and anus. When you observe how crucial its activity is, it basically not only absorbs every substance that’s been carried by these supporting organs but while it takes you through the final stage of digestion, the colon is also responsible for excreting the wastes coming out which in return became what we call feces or stool.

These waste deposits are the toxin carriers because they came out as the overall collection of extrapolated food nutrients and water from the food you eat. That’s why the colon needs to eliminate these unimportant deposits in the form of excretion after the food passed the final digestion stages. Normal excretion of feces would be experienced once or twice daily. Otherwise, malfunctioning of the colon leads to certain days of constipation and stomach discomfort.

Have you ever experienced constipation?

Whether that’s a Yes or a No, constipation shouldn’t be taken for granted. It’s only one of those well-known indications that “things” are getting your colon blocked or disturbed. A few of these colon culprits are hot drinks, chemicals, additives, fried foods, fatty foods, processed foods and sugar. Basically some of these could still be taken but, anything that becomes extensive or beyond the normal consumption isn’t a good thing to do. Remember these additives are only used to lengthen the life of the foods you eat and some of its substances may harm your health specifically your colon.

What’s the best way to detox the colon?

Actually, colon cleanse is often the most avoided technique for most people like you because of the side effects experienced which is normal when you take colon-based medications. Though, there are still great alternatives for you to still Medical Detox your colon without the invasive reactions. How about taking the herb-based methods?

Herb-based colon detox methods are few of the interestingly discovered ways to perform the initial stages of cleansing the body which could be tried during 3 day detox programs. As it only makes use of herbs, you easily can take the challenge by consuming recommended teas which is also simple to enjoy and test for couple of days. There are lots of herb mixtures that have been tested and proven safe which are also offered in the market but here are only the most suitable ones which could be found and consumed as easy as possible:

One of the various herbs discovered to clean the colon is Senna. Senna along with its broad category of plants is often looked as colon-cleansing formula during body detoxification because it’s the best natural relief for constipation. The way it does the cleansing activity is through stimulating the lower bowel slightly which causes the colon to more fluid movements. As a result, it makes excretion easier with the way it lubricates the colon’s environment. It could be similar to Aloe but not considering Aloe’s much legal restrictions on use.

Another good herb is called Cascara which is known by other names in different countries but is highly popular as a subdivision of Buckberry. It’s used widely as a potent laxative which is again another efficient way to fight constipation and naturally detox the colon. However, like Aloe it also has restrictions when it comes to the amount of consumption. Overuse of Cascara herb for instance may lead to side effects such as abdominal discomfort so still, it should be taken with care and medical advice.

Interested in a more well-known and less risky herb?

In that case of preparing yourself for an herb-based 3 day detox program for example, you could look for this herb called Ginger. It could be on top of your list since its “fighting” ingredients don’t risk colon-related problems but just fighting it and letting the body regenerate. Ginger is also tested when it comes to sensitivity as it’s proven safe to cure pregnant women’s nausea and also reducing other problems such as diabetes and inflammation.

Another thing that’s been by far enjoyed herb product is the Cayenne Pepper. It may be difficult to miss the use of it since it’s one of the great spices ever discovered. By focusing on consuming it, you’ll find it helpful to detox your colon as well. While you’re on a 3 day detox, you’ll find yourself getting cleansed by an increase in blood flow and sweating.

While there are other herbs in some products, these are the four bases for most popular products that you could choose from during your initial body detox test. For your 3 day detox, feel free to mix them into your diet or use them independently because what’s most important is that your body gets the treatment it needs to be free of toxins.


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