Witchcraft is a worthwhile activity and you can reap many rewards if you practice it correctly. Keep in mind at all times that it is all about your inner world. It’s not about what kind of objects you use for your rituals, but rather the effort and emotional power that you put into it. So when you perform these spells, put emotional intensity into it.

Spell For Gaining Love

In rituals, items are placed on your altar. If you don’t have one Wiccan Altar Table, then you can substitute a coffee table for one. Whichever one you choose to use, place a red candle and a white candle on it. You also need a fireproof container, such as a cauldron into which you put some sand.

On a piece of fine writing paper, write down what kind of a person you would like to have in your life. What does he or she have, who are they as a person, and so on. If you have red or pink ink, use that, but if not, then any color is fine.

After that, focus your thoughts on how that person would make you feel, what kind of activities you’d like to share, and then make yourself feel happy – allow happiness to seep into you. You are bringing wonderful things into your life, so you should be happy!

Now, whenever you find yourself ready for this, take the piece of paper and hold it in the flames of both candles, and say a chant like:


  • I ask that the Gods (or the universe, if you like) to send me this person of my desires
  • I may not yet know their face or their name, but I know they exist
  • And they are looking for me in return


This spell will work, you will find, wonders in putting the forces of nature into work to bring you the person you’re looking for.

Spell of Abundance and Wealth

For this ritual you need the largest denomination of paper money that you can get access to. With the help of this ritual, you can double this denomination. For example, the fifty dollar bill is good, the twenty dollar bill is also fine.

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