Are you spending money wisely for your online home business or are you just throwing it away? Do you spend money to make money or to look like you have money? Are you buying things to make you look rich?

When having a business, it is not all about keeping up with the Jones, unless you want to be one of the 95% that fail. Forget about all the flashy cars, houses and toys, you have to put money back into your business first.

Use Common Sense

Whenever you spend money from now on, ask you self one question, Will this thing I am buying bring me business? Think hard about it, if your answer is NO, then do not buy it. You have to use common sense rather than be frugal about you money.

If you think you need a fancy car for your business, think again, unless you are already a success. All a fancy car will do is make you poorer, not successful. Shoot, you do not even need a car with an online home business, except to go to the store. So if the car you have now gets you where you want to go, do not spend unnecessary money just to look good.

The Big Office

Remember the reason you started working from home? Mainly so you could spend more time with your family, no commute back and forth to a job, and work when you wanted to. So stay at home, there is no need for a big fancy office, just so you can have your name on the door. An office will cost a lot of over head money, money that could be spent on making you more money, not throwing it away.

Also with that big fancy office, comes extra office supplies, a desk, another chair, a computer, printer, and copier. Then of course you want the fancy letter head with your logo on it that you just spend hours designing rather than getting prospects for you business.

Then your going to need a secretary to start taking all your calls. A consultant to help you out with problems. And why not even start outsourcing all your article writing and video filming, then you can just sit at your fancy desk and look really important. Now, how does that picture look for throwing away money?

Another thing you will be getting is tons of calls, and not from prospects wanting to join your business, but from solicitors. You know, the ones that have bigger and better things for you to buy. The ones that are making their business a success why you throw your money away on looking rich instead of getting rich!

Listening To Solicitors

So now you look, walk and talk success. You know your product is the best so you start listening to all the solicitors that have called you in your big fancy office and there goes your advertising money. You start putting ads in big fancy magazines, newspapers, and maybe even a banner at a stadium, because they told you what a good deal you would be getting.

You start putting you product out there telling everyone how awesome it is, and forget the whole picture of what having an online home business is even all about.

When having an online business, the key word is, online! You do not need to put your ads out there the old fashion way of off line advertising. How many people are going to read that big fancy magazine or that banner at a stadium? Now you have completely lost your focus.

You have to remember to find your target audience and market directly to them. Marketing sells not products, if you forget this, once again your just throwing your money away.

Remember to ask yourself the question before spending any money on your online home business, Will this money I am spending bring me success? If you do this every time you will not only look like a success, but you will be a success.

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