Individuals suffering from drug addiction have different options for treatment. The least intensive but still effective options include counseling and therapy, group meetings, and even phone counseling. At the other end of the spectrum, and the most successful as well,  is onsite, full fledged treatment in a facility where the user is essentially sealed from the outside world and forced to adapt new habits. This is not a pretty picture for someone coming in who knows they will be going through serious withdrawal issues, often within just a day or two of arrival. If an individual is ready confront their addiction and go into an onsite cocaine withdrawal symptoms treatment program, knowing what to expect can minimize their fears and increase their willingness to go into such a program.

What can be expected as a drug treatment facility?

The facilities themselves differ, but there are certain things in common across the board. Many drug treatments centers are placed in very beautiful facilities, with natural beauty all around, including lakes, mountains, and hiking trails. Some facilities even include lavish decorations and pools, spas, and hot tubs, much like a resort. These types of things might sound a bit odd or unnecessary but it is important to make the environment as comfortable as possible for those in the program, as this will mean higher success rates. The inclusion of natural surroundings is certainly no accident, as many treatment programs are embedded with nature-themed approaches, with the mindset that a spiritual connection to the outdoors can help promote personal growth and well-being.

The day to day activities of a patient in a treatment center are generally quite structured. You can expect to be given a schedule to follow and have people onsite who will insist on your participation. Group therapy is very common, as sharing ones self with others in the same situation will promote understanding, self-improvement, solidarity, and personal will-power. One on one personal counseling is also an expected part of most treatments. Group activities are common. The promotion of exercise is common as well, from walking on hike trails to lifting weights onsite or running on a treadmill. Time can be slotted for personal religious or spiritual activities, and this is usually a pre-formatted part of most treatment centers.

Taken all together, a patient should expect a warm structured environment, group therapy, personal therapy, spiritual or personal growth time, and regular exercise. The addition of lavish comforts or beautiful environmental surroundings is a common compliment to the facility.

Add it all up, and this environment results in the most important thing of all – an opportunity to break free of ones drug addiction.


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