There was a time when game designing was only meant for fun, to entertain kids and give them a welcome break from their otherwise mundane life of doing homework and cracking it to the top spot in academics. But in today’s time and age, to make education a tad bit interesting games have played an important role in imparting education. A lot of games and Interactive story apps for kids designed that not only makes studies fun but also eases out the tussle between parents and kids to teach them the right thing.

For today our focus is autism and how a special game named “Give Me 5” help kids to have a better life and fight the odds that this disorder throws at them. This game is a lot like Trivial Pursuit, not only does it assure fun but is also extremely challenging.

So what is ‘ Give Me 5’ all about?

This game is doing the rounds since last fall and has created a stir specially among parents who aspire to design a better life for their autistic kids. Let us throw some more information on the kind of game it is and how it helps.


    • There is a total of eight categories, each category has different levels of social skills that the kids need to cross, by playing the game. This game is a nice mix of colors and skill set that the kids need to develop as they go ahead in the game and cross each level.
    • This game lets the kid with autism go through several levels, each level posing a question to them and the right answer takes them to the next level. The questions framed focuses on their skill set and how well they can brush up those skills along with their ability to work on the other areas that demand attention when struck with autism.
    • The game deals a lot with social situations and how kids will respond in such a scenario. The ability to play well in those levels help them to better their reaction when they actually bump into such situations in life.
    • The growing popularity of this game has left people wanting more of it. That is the reason this game is now available as an app. Tablets and other such gadets are the latest that the kids fancy a lot and reports have also pointed out that they are more attracted to these gadgets and like to stay glued in them. So if the games are now available in the form of Interactive story changing apps for kids then it is more accessible to the kids.
    • Another reason for the buzz surrounding this game is because kids are able to relate with this game in life when they face such situations. It becomes easy for them to know what they should do or how they should react because they have already done that while playing the game and also earned brownie points for doing so. Playing the game helps them to get into the mode of the way they should behave in life as well.
  • This game is a must for your kid if he is “on the spectrum” because it helps them to know how they should behave and how they should respond to situations. It is more of a training in the form of entertainment that allows your kid to have a better life and all this at a humble cost of 39.99, the app however comes at 7.99. This sure is not much considering the benefit it will have for your child.

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